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Aristides Meneses and the inner reflection

Every inner search is represented by a process in which expressive intentionality is mere exercise, mere composer of something undefined and whose aim is focused on the disclosure of feelings and emotions of what is kept hidden in the being as his innate individual characteristics.

In each of us it produces an effect of environment and assimilating, either positive or negative, either optimistic or pessimistic.

The case of Aristides Meneses is a special case because his internal reflection shows a religious sense of life which almost promulgate the need for introspection, a substantial commitment to define the role of man facing the spiritual, facing the divine.

In his work we see a man who wanders through a universe without borders, an expectant man who wanders through a world without meaning, without real harmony, where each of us is part of a degraded leftover continuously looking for the meaning of life. That is why in most cases the human representation is minimalist, faceless or even nonexistent. The colour range clearly accompanies the subjects. Ochre and reddish prioritize it, giving a feeling of uneasiness which extols the meaning intended by the author.

A forceful and elaborate set of symbols or representations are united in some cases to accentuate the theme developed earlier and assuming a link between the different development stages. The delimitation of spaces and lack of natural life are other features of their work. Spaces are usually represented in its grandeur, as if to capture what is overwhelming in contemporary society and the senselessness of their globalization movement. The absence of natural life, more stressed in the removal of vegetation in many cases, increases the idea of questioning the existential, from degradation by man of all that implies a respect for himself and his environment.

A serious body of work with a distinct character is what Meneses presents us, in which the main supporting idea of his work is based on the inconsistency of the actual and the search for meaning in life in an attempt to contact the spiritual.

Francisco Arroyo Ceballos
De la Asociación Española de Críticos de Arte AECA

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